The Essentials Of Blogging

As you start out of your respective career being a blogger, you are likely to need to learn some of the important terminology which bloggers use. These are the four most crucial words for you to learn like a novice blogger: blog, domain, platform and webhost. Once you learn these terms, you are able to discuss blogging as though you have been at it for decades. When you know how blogging works you'll have no trouble passing your blogging 101 exam.

Blog is short for weblog. A weblog, or blog consists of posts which can be organized chronologically, form of just like a diary, only online. Most blogs are text only, but there are a growing amount of photo blogs and even video blogs. To start your site, you'll must practice a little in regards to the technical details - hosts, webhosts and platforms.

First, let's address platform. Your platform is really a software program which allows you to write your site content and upload these to your blog. Platforms may also include design tools to customize the look of your blog.

The next term is web host. A webhost refers back to the company (or perhaps a server of that company) which is the "residence" of your respective blog. Think of it like a kind of file cabinet the place that the blog posts you are writing are stored.
Last is domain, which is the address of one's blog on the internet. This address in most cases result in .com.

After learning all of these important blogging terms, you can congratulate yourself for passing any blogging 101 exam.


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